FONEX – Canada

FONEX DATA Systems Inc.
5400 Ch. St-Francois
Ville St-Laurent, Canada H4S 1P6
Phone: (514) 333-6639
Fax: (514) 333-6635
Hot Line: (800) 363-6639

FONEX DATA Systems is a unique supplier and integrator of carrier-class telecommunications equipment, focused on delivering broadband access and metro edge network solutions for both wireline and wireless network operators. Founded in 1989, with offices in Canada (Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver), France (Paris) and Dubai-UAE, FONEX’s mission is to address the challenges faced by network operators in delivering broadband services cost-effectively and profitably to their customers in the access and metropolitan portions of the network. With so many competing approaches and fast-evolving technologies, our value proposition is to act as trusted advisers to network architects and planners in formulating the business case for enabling change.

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