DCE – Master Stocking Distributor

Data Connect Enterprise
3405 Olandwood Court
Olney, MD 20832
Phone: (301) 924-7400
Email: sales@data-connect.com
URL: www.data-connect.com

Data Connect serves as the Exclusive Master Stocking Distributor for Canoga Perkins offering FAST DELIVERY, GREAT PRICES, and VOLUME DISCOUNTS for Fed Gov & Integrators!!!  All while providing expert pre- and post sales applications assistance and technical support services.

The company maintains warehouses in Maryland and California and stocks a broad range of commercial and industrial connectivity solutions from some of the best companies in the industry. 

All Things Wireless, Datacomm & Telecomm –  Fiber, 3G/4G, 802.11B/G/N/AC, RF Wireless, FHSS Wireless, DSLAMs, Routers, POE, Ethernet Extenders, Serial Extenders, T1/E1, SCADA, Channel Banks, Multiplexers, RAS, VOIP, ROIP, Leased Line Modems, Dial Modems, Private Wire Modems, and more.  Visit www.data-connect.com or www.dataconnectus.com for more details.


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