Products By Interface Type

Canoga Perkins' products support a wide range of optical and electrical interfaces.

Canoga Perkins’ products support a wide range of optical and electrical interfaces on User and Network ports. Ethernet/LAN products support pluggable optics, SFP, SFP+ XFP, CXP and CFPs. Canoga Perkins has available a wide range of optical interfaces for these pluggable optical modules including extended distances and Single Fiber BiDi, CWDM and DWDM. Please contact a Canoga Perkins sales representative for current offering and availability.

These interfaces are categorized by type in the following tables.

Categories are:
– Telephony – T type, E type, used for voice, data and other applications
– Serial Data – EIA/TIA RS- type, ITU V. and Mil type interfaces
– Ethernet and LAN – IEEE Ethernet, 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps

To find products supporting specific interface types, visit the products and service page.

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