5G Fronthaul is different

Fronthaul is a critical part of the Private 5G network architecture. It binds together Radio Units, Distributed processing Units, and, especially for industrial environments, high performance Mobile Edge Computing Nodes.  5G Fronthaul is much more than evolved 4G Fronthaul – in fact, a completely different architectural approach is needed   In 5G Fronthaul, traffic patterns …

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Private and Hybrid 5G Deployments

5G represents not only a new Radio technology, but also a significant evolution of the network architecture. This is particularly relevant for Industrial environments, where the network architecture must support specific latency and resiliency requirements. Below are two deployment models that will be commonly used in this next Industry 4.0 private networks. Hybrid Deployment Model …

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SLA For Ethernet Networks

Performance Collection System (PCS) Overview Successful network performance management is more than making performance measurements. It includes the collection and intelligent dissemination and reporting of the test results. The Performance Collection System (PCS) is a CanogaView Smart Element Manager application for the administration, collection and distribution of network performance data. PCS incorporates Three principle functions: …

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